August 8, 2008


Simple Way To Earn Money

Are you looking for easy money on the net? This can be the solution. Paid To Click can give you a way to earn money by just clicking on advertising provided by the PTC. It's a simple way to get paid

If you would like to make a bigger amount through PTC, it is suggested to join some or all possible Paid 2 Click (PTC). Each PTC website is providing only small numbers of ads only. The more PTC you join, the more ads you can view to collect more cents or even more dollars in your paypal or E-Gold.By the way, don't forget to create a new email address for joining the PTC. Some PTCs will send you quite a lot of ads to your mailbox. The new email address can help you to manage those ads without disturbing your regular email.Some PTCs might provide different rate for each ad, so you may need to check out their policy. The following some issues you need to check before joining the PTC:1. Payment methodSome of them offer payment by check, paypal, e-gold or other payment methods avalable on the net2. Minimum PayoutThe higher the minimum payout, the longer your payment will be hold in their account3. Rate per ClickHow much money they offer for viewing the ad. It can be varied from 1 cent to a dollar4. Other Available OfferSome PTC offer auto surf along with their paid email or paid ads and also paid to sign up.Paid to sign up is the paid program for you to sign up with some websites out there. After signing up with the required website, they give you a few cents as a reward. Please watch out and carefully read before sign up. Not all of those sites are FREE to Join!!

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